Energy is Water Under the Bridge

The water flowing in the river is water under the bridge. So should the burning of fossil fuels.

Carry coal to Newcastle, for the first time in human history, we completed the simplest way possible – continuous water circulation.

RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol 24/7 converted to power
RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol without fossil fuels
RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol without combustion
RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol without consuming energy

Life expectancy

Our patented SecurestPower™ Concept revolutionizes power generation by continuously producing electricity using just a single initial energy input…

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As a lawyer, all I know about energy is that all energy is recycling energy, due to the conservation of energy…

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Energy System Error Repaired - RecyclingEnergy

Only Infinite Energy - More Global Security

RecyclingEnergy™ Int. Corp. designs and patents modular energy solutions for the most demanding conditions.

Outcomes: Energy, time, and location independent power generation, and use, plus energy storage.