As a lawyer, all I know about energy is that all energy is recycling energy, due to the conservation of energy.

Dozens of years-long basic research that shakes the fundamentals of physics has not been done by a university or the like. My main target has been to get rid of a condenser in power conversion because they lose almost half of the input energy.

After James Watt, the negative paradox was that the condenser was utilized so much that it resulted in global warming.

Newtons craddle - RecyclingEnergy

I did not know that my invention is impossible because for 3,500 years many have tried in vain like Leonardo da Vinci, who was born 500 years before me.

In the Arctic Circle, the poorest county, called the country of Famine, in the Nordic countries, there is a shortage of everything, even power has to be converted without consuming energy. This is probably no wonder, for we have walked on the water thousands of years ago.

The paradox of my invention is that although it has been possible for over 3,500 years, no one has done it before, even a child is able to do it, i.e. two pipes are nested according to the Bernoulli equation revealed in 1738. It’s about emergence. And vision.

Inventor of SecurestPower™

Universe - RecyclingEnergy

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Our patented SecurestPower™ Concept revolutionizes power generation by continuously producing electricity using just a single initial energy input…

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