Electricity without added energy

Our patented SecurestPower™ Concept revolutionizes power generation by continuously producing electricity using just a single initial energy input. Unlike traditional methods, which require ongoing energy inputs, our technology harnesses the power of gravity to generate sustainable and continuous power.

Consequently, the use of SecurestPower™ not only eliminates the need for continuous energy input but also ensures that power generation remains efficient and sustainable. By adhering to the laws of physics, our technology ensures that additional energy is not consumed during the power generation process. This innovative approach addresses current climate-related problems by emphasizing the efficient recycling of energy and providing a secure and reliable source of power.

With SecurestPower™, we are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future, where power generation is in harmony with the laws of physics and the needs of our planet. By embracing this revolutionary concept, we can mitigate the environmental impact of traditional energy sources and move towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Gravity of our existence is energy caused but gravity rescued


It is less known that in addition to solar and wind power, nuclear power is also weather dependent. This is because of that nuclear power plants have not met safety requirements for cooling due to climate heating, resulting in authorities shutting them down.

Additionally, nuclear power plants are unprofitable in case of low power price due to the lack of resilience that is needed to cover the power supply cap when part-time solar and wind are not available.

Above mentioned concerns also small modular reactors (SMRs).

Death Valley

ENERGY SYSTEM ERROR is based on negative energy paradox stating the improved efficiency of emitting process increased overall emissions when used on a large scale.

After the climate heated oceans melted glaciers, and they can no longer absorb carbon dioxide, the state of our planet may be irreversible heading to unlivable Earth.

The Future

Unlike negative energy paradox, our patented SecurestPower™ Concept enables positive energy paradox due to four main reasons:

  1. power is generated instead of energy just by the plant being within the gravitational field
  2. improved energy efficiency
  3. no emissions
  4. the use of power cannot emit either nor consume energy

We are honored to show how we will survive with the passive, energy-independent SecurestPower™ Concept.

Life expectancy

Highly vulnerables

  • oil and coil spoil
  • sun for fun
  • nuclear not clear

Human-caused climate heating may be irreversible.

Patented SecurestPower™

  • energy by gravity
  • electricity by gravity
  • security by gravity

RecyclingEnergy™ helps to survive.

The Law of Recycling Energy


Gravity is a metaphor to convey the importance or severity of humankind’s existential situation because we have by heating spoiled our climate and consequently shortened the life expectations of all living.

Gravity never runs out no matter how much exploited.


The real-world SecurestPower™ plant generates power by just being because once the input initial potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and electricity, it is fully regenerated simply within the gravitational field.

Designed and patented by RecyclingEnergy™ Int. Corp.

By the law of recycling energy

Because gravity cannot be on its own exploited, recycling energy is needed as a gravity maintainer.

Consequently, the use of SecurestPower™ cannot consume energy, as it would violate the law of recycling energy by creating energy, which is impossible – and of course unnecessary.

Security by Gravity

1. The importance of power and indeterminate energy efficiency

Patented state-of-the-art siphon-gravity-base energy-independent regenerative SecurestPower™ does continuously convert potential energy to kinetic energy and further to electricity, and surprisingly, additional energy beyond the initial potential energy is not needed, despite energy losses. This can help to reduce dependence on energy and to promote getting rid of energy failure-based fossil fuels and weather-dependent solar-based solutions. The energy efficiency of SecurestPower™ is undefined or indeterminate because dividing by zero is undefined in mathematics.

The use of SecurestPower™ can help to reduce energy-related conflicts and tensions, as it eliminates the need for countries or communities to compete for access to scarce energy resources. This can promote greater stability and cooperation in energy markets and may help reduce the risk of conflict or geopolitical tensions related to energy.

2. Security matters

Security is another important consideration when it comes to energy systems, and SecurestPower™ can offer some advantages in this regard as well. As energy independent SecurestPower™ can reduce the risk of external threats or disruptions to the energy supply, such as sabotage, cyber-attacks, or natural disasters. This can help to ensure greater energy security and reliability, particularly in situations where access to energy is critical for public health and safety.

In addition, the use of SecurestPower™ can help to reduce the need for centralized energy infrastructure, which can be vulnerable to physical and cyber security threats. By relying on distributed and decentralized energy systems, such as SecurestPower™, it may be possible to reduce the risk of large-scale disruptions to the energy supply and to promote greater resilience and adaptability in the face of changing threats and challenges.

Overall, the use of SecurestPower™ can help promote greater energy security, resilience, and reliability, which are essential components of a safe and sustainable energy future.

3. Because only energy is recycling energy, it's most crucial for the circular economy

A circular economy entails  markets that give incentives to recycle energy, rather than wasting it and then extracting new energy sources. In such an economy, additional energy beyond the initial potential energy is not needed, despite energy losses, if based on SecurestPower™.

4. The use of power generated by SecurestPower™ cannot consume energy due to the concervation of energy

As sacrifice-free, it’s societally accepted and market-driven.

5. Huge charge-free business potential of carbon credits/offsetst.

Global Security by SecurestPower™

The irreversibility of climate will be reached by the reversibility of recycling energy

Leonardo da Vinci, born in 1452, tried to develop a watermill that could operate without energy.

Two things are infinite, gravity and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about gravity.
– Albert Einstein, modified

We do not know what causes it, but we do know what it causes™.
– Our inventor about gravity

Patented Reversible SecurestPower™ 24/7 generates power just by gravity.

Energy Independent SecurestPower™

This is the energy efficiency of SecurestPower™ because once input potential energy is entirely non-stop recycled i.e. maintained despite energy losses of infinite power generation.

An inevitable consequence is that our customers cannot consume energy because they thus must generate energy that violates the law of conservation of energy due to energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

We'll survive


• Energy
• Location
• Weather
• No emissions
• No heat
• No noise
  • Also in ground/water
Scalable, modular, mobile, decentralized


• Base power
• Balance power
• Frequency-secured
• Power
Stores energy

The inevitable consequence

Power consumption cannot consume energy

1) Part-time

2) Grid Needs Inertia

Capacity Factors

Comparison: Continuous power conversion indicates that the capacity factor of SecurestPower™ is three times more higher than wind and four times more higher than solar.

In addition, SecurestPower™ simultaneously supplies base and balance power. It also reserves power through energy storage.

#1 Comparison table – Power Plants

ComparisonSecurestPower™Solar PVWind
Patented ReversibleYesNoNo
Energy efficiency %?2020-40
CAPEX/OPEX assumptionNo differenceNo differenceNo difference
Social acceptabilityHighMediumLow
Environmental impactsLowMediumHigh
Land requirementSmallLargeMedium
Practical scalabilityUnlimitedLimitedLimited
Balance powerYesNoNo
Reserve powerYesNoNo
Energy storageYesNoNo
Inertia contentYesNoNo
Grid unbalancingNoYesYes
Incentives (grid-connected)NoYesYes
Capacity factor %952535
Lifespan years1003020
Profitability factor/100 years10087
Payback timeShortLongLong

#2 Comparison table – Power Plants

Those who cause damage must compensate for it.
However, this does not apply to nuclear power.
Thus, we taxpayers latently subsidize it.

Technical dataSecurestPower™Pumped Hydro Storage
Gravitational Battery
Electrical power MW (example)1,6001,6001,600
Reactor thermal power MWNoNo4,300
Overall efficiency %?7037
Heat lossNoLow40%
Fuel consumption t/y0032
Total fuel weight tU00128
Main steam temperature °CNo steamNo steam290
Annual electricity output TWh15213
OpexExtremely lowLowExtremely high
CapexExtremely lowLowExtremely high
Energy for liftingNoYesNo
Capacity Factor %95< 2093
Off-peak powerYesNoYes
Lifespan years1005050
SecurityExtremely highHighLow - high risks
Reliability/SimplicityExtremely high/robustRelatively high?/complex
FlexibilityExtremely high
start up 1-5 sec
Simple Payback Period (years)5-10??

SecurestPower™ Offer

One and only patented real-world SecurestPower™ infinitely generated just by gravity-converted recycling energy that all energy is.




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Winning the Hot War requires an immediate energy system change.

RecyclingEnergy™ Int. Corp. will do it.

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As a lawyer, all I know about energy is that all energy is recycling energy, due to the conservation of energy…

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