Face gravity, gain infinity

Face gravity, gain infinity

In today’s world, power is mandatory, its use is increasing, while emissions are only increasing, e.g. with rising living standards. More than a billion people lack access to the power grid, with their combustion-based heating increasing emissions.

Political norms have remained and will remain rumors, as there is simply no way in the world to produce large quantities of power without emissions. If it had, market forces would have introduced it a long time ago. According to the IEA, perhaps the world’s largest business opportunity, by 2050, $ 30 trillion.

Basically, it is a question of energy efficiency, that is, how efficiently the energy once formed is recycled from one phase to another, in the change it is usually wasted into heat, it is entropy that is constantly increasing on Earth.

The root cause of global warming is power conversion, not its production because energy cannot be generated. This energy system fault rectification has been considered impossible.

Large power plants are based on thermal power plants, either combustion or nuclear power, fission. They are known to take advantage of James Watt’s condenser improved invention, which wastes 40 percent of energy.

Our company has focused on how the condenser can be eliminated in power conversion, patents were granted in the 2010s e.g. to the gravity power plant 2018.

The political situation in the world has become unpredictable in recent months, and the energy problems in Central Europe, in particular, should be resolved as soon as possible in order to end the war.

Following the grant of the patent by SecurestPowerTM in 2021, RecyclingEnergyTM has entered into licensing negotiations with the largest global companies in its potential strategic sector, as well as with states.

Needless to say, the hydrogen separated from the water by electrolysis is on the table, as is the synthetic food needed to carbonize municipal waste into synthesis gas, which can also be converted into nutrients, fertilizers, liquid fuels, etc.

The importance of LatentHeatPumpTM is gradually beginning to be noticed.

SecurestPowerTM converts electricity without energy directly by gravity. Our intention is not to sell power plants but power on the basis of Purchased Power Agreements PPAs, which investors use as ‘collateral’. Additionally, we will take advantage of emission trading.

In practice, power users benefit from a low price of power. Consequently, they also cure the world, because by using the power we converted in this way, they cannot consume energy

In the big picture, tackling climate change for the first time will increase the well-being of everyone, completely without sacrifice.

In conclusion, for the first time ever in human history power is converted without energy by the highest possible energy efficiency that cannot be beaten.

Demand-driven, we and our partners achieve a fruitful collaboration that benefits everything by providing a breakthrough repair kit for the current energy system error

We are pleased to inform you that we are working on deepening and expanding our partner network, therefore we are looking forward to new partners to increase overall well-fare.

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