NonSmokingGun™: GravitationalRevolution™ Tackles the Industrial Revolution

NonSmokingGun™: GravitationalRevolution™ Tackles the Industrial Revolution

Albert Einstein: ‘Two things are infinite: the universe and human 
stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.’ ‘We do not know what causes gravity but we do know what gravity 

Back to square one. Elementary – the idea of what comes first even more 
than that of simplicity: The flow of water between uniquely arranged 
communicating vessels powers affordable SecurestPower™, confirming the 
law of conservation of energy through gravity. This represents a 
paradigm shift in understanding physics.

State of the art: For the first time, gravity shifts the center of 
gravity from energy to gravity. By harnessing pure Universe’s securest 
gravitational downforce, our hydropower solution operates without the 
need to lift water, setting it apart from traditional hydropower 

Patented – Authority: unmatched anywhere in the world.


HottestPotato™: Can we use SecurestPower™ with a clear conscience, free 
from sacrifices? According to physics, energy cannot be generated but 
only recycled.

Breakthrough: Self-reversible SecurestPower™ is energy, time, and 
location-independent, providing the secure base, balance, and frequency 
for hydropower and energy storage.

Physics: Gravity is not an “energy input” introducing new energy; 
rather, in our invention, it contributes to changes in potential and 
kinetic energy, aligning with the principles of energy conservation 
initially based on the concept of communication vessels.

SecurestPower™ powers securest powers.

RecyclingEnergy™, input once, sustains the process without the need for 
new energy.

James Watt improved the steam engine in 1776, a development fundamental 
to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution. It was also the 
energy paradox: First, it looked good, but then then less good. In 2016, 
240 years later, we invented our Gravitational Power Plant, its patent 
was granted in 2018. The next patent was granted in 2021. They and our 
two patent-pending communicating vessels-based inventions led to the 
Gravitational Revolution.

Unlike a line drawn in water, our improved hydropower has permanently 
shifted the center of gravity from energy to gravity.

Because SecurestPower™ is self-reversible, energy-independent, 
untraceable, inescapable pure gravity-powered, there is no need to 
‘carry coal to Newcastle’ and because it is water-based it is not water 
‘water under the bridge’ i.e. a relic of the past. It is so 
self-sufficient and innovative that it transcends traditional challenges 
associated with energy system.

Hydropower is not ‘water under the bridge’ i.e. a relic of the past. 
SecurestPower™ represents a groundbreaking paradigm shift increasing 
security and economic growth with fewer sacrifices. The essence of this 
transformation lies in shifting the center of gravity from energy to 
gravity itself. SecurestPower™.

In short, security matters in terms of power, nation, and the global 
scenario. There’s no longer a need to ‘carry coal to Newcastle because 
inescapable gravity is limitlessly available. The more SecurestPower™ is 
utilized, the faster we can accelerate the transition to a more 
sustainable future by increased productivity. RecyclingEnergy™, that all 
energy is, is an ideal example of a circular economy.
We are pleased to offer profitable market-driven partnerships.

Global pain soon in vain.


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