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SecurestPower™ to SuperPower

It is the responsibility of states to maintain public security. The acute threat is global warming, which states have tried to prevent from getting worse with restrictions, but to no avail.

Companies known for their innovativeness want to take a slice of the world’s largest business opportunity, but they have also failed to heal the climate.

The efforts of private people will simply not be able to solve the giant problem. Many have a greater challenge to survive in their daily lives with rising energy, food, and (potable/irrigation) water bills. Billion people don’t have access to electricity. Many don’t even want to make even the smallest sacrifice.

To make progress you must admit the facts. The fact is that if the root cause of global warming, the overall principle of power conversion, is not changed, nothing will change with the current means.

The problem is exacerbated by the increase in power consumption.

The country, company, and people who use SecurestPower™ will be the winners, SuperPowers because both converted power and its use don’t consume energy without sacrifices.

Its new method offers clean and affordable power, food, and water for the first time in human history.

SecurestPower™ Matters

This is done primarily

RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol No use of fossil fuels
RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol No fuel in general
RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol No renewable
RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol Just by gravity
RecyclingEnergy - Infinity symbol No energy

  • but a feature of the universe, and
  • no renewable
  • but infinite
  • used to convert power
  • consequently, its use cannot consume energy due to energy cannot be generated thus energy efficiency cannot be higher due to recycling energy is infinitely utilized by independent SecurestPower™ patented by RecyclingEnergy™

A perpetual motion machine is a device that never stops working, i.e. it never stops causing changes either in itself or to something else (or both), even though no external energy is being added or removed or a machine generating an energy output which is higher than its energy consumption.

Perpetual motion machine - RecyclingEnergy

The world’s first siphon nonstop converts power just by gravity without consumed energy and turbine increased energy losses.

Patented by RecyclingEnergy™

Independent SecurestPower™ to Hydrogen & Gas

Gift-to-humankind - RecyclingEnergy

RecyclingEnergyCombined SecurestPower & Colorless Hydrogen & Gas plants. In situ/on-site eliminate long pipings and terminals.